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Our consultants specialise in solar photovoltaic, solar thermal, air source and ground source heat pumps and last but not least, battery storage.
Those of you that invested in solar PV and took advantage of the Feed in Tariff at the start are no doubt delighted with your investment, reaping rich rewards from the government incentive and here in the south we have customers with 4kW systems returning £2000.00 per annum by way of Feed in Tariff as well as enjoying reduced electricity bills and payments for the deemed 50% of the electricity generated going back to the grid or export tariff as it is referred to.
The export tariff has always been low (around 5p per unit or less) and there was always something missing and that was to be able to use the electricity you generated at night by way of battery storage.

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Most of us are paying 12 - 14p per unit so it makes sense to store it rather than let it go back to the grid.
For every unit you store you are reducing the amount of electriciy that you import from the grid and you still get paid the exporteven if you send nothing back to the grid.
Technology has advanced in other ares too and no more so than with inverters.
They are lighter, more efficient, more reliable and therefore have a longer warranty and produce a higher yield.
Panel optimisation is another way of generating more electricity from you solar pv system with a warranty that would cover the life of your feed in tariff.

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