Solar PV

Solar PV

Solar PV

Our solar PV system starts from as little as £5,500 excluding battery storage.
Made from layers of semi-conducting material, our photovoltaic solar panels create an electric field when sunlight shines on them.
When you choose solar PV from us, you can rest assured you’re benefiting from the very highest quality standards and technical expertise.
Our experience is designing the right solar technologies for your property is key to our success.

To offer our customers more flexibility, we can help spread the cost of your system through manageable monthly payments should you require through a number of brokers. You could benefit from competitive interest rates and the freedom to clear the balance outstanding without penalty. Want to know more information about finance options or which finance plan is best for you?

We don’t want to waste your time and if solar isn’t suitable for your property we will tell you! Once you have confirmed an interest, we will conduct a desktop survey from our offices to check the size, orientation and pitch of your roof, looking out for obvious issues that would affect the performance of the system.

We would then schedule an appointment for one of our Advisers to visit.

We will also discuss with you your energy usage and bills. When we are satisfied that a solar PV installation would be of benefit.

Our Adviser will conduct a thorough survey of your home and will take time to explain how the technology works, where it will be installed and your expected savings.

You may also be made aware of other products that could increase the performance of your system, or make your property energy efficient once solar is installed.
All of this information is put into your own personalised report that you can look over in your own time.

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Take the time to make an informed decision and if you have further questions our energy advisers, customer service team or online advisers are just a click or a call away.
When you are ready, just complete and return the paperwork and you will soon be placed into the capable hands of our customer service and installation teams.

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