No Obligation Survey Visit

No Obligation Survey

We are aware through these changing times with the recent Covid-19 pandemic that not everyone feels comfortable with home visits. We can assure you all safety measures are taken and most of our visits / surveys can be done outside the property.
If you are simply looking for a quote we can supply that too with a list of questions and in some cases we may require some pictures from you to fulfil the process. Ltd provide at least one FREE house or site visit to businesses as an important part of our process to establish your own personalised bespoke solution.

We use as part of the process where, IF appropriate an EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) that’s completed independently that includes a heat loss calculation. This is mainly required for Air/Ground source heat pumps.
Following our first brief consultation that should take no longer than 45 minutes (depending on your questions) we will return following the EPC being completed if a new EPC is required.

We will be able to show you how much this will save you to switch from expensive fuels that cause pollution.
How much you may benefit from a Tax Free financial support program to install renewable energy while contributing to reducing our carbon emissions as a collective.

There is NO charge for our service at this point.

The days of the hard sell are over and to be honest the majority of people don’t need to be sold to anymore, we live in a world where you can access the information you require in a matter of seconds.
We believe that you, the potential customer would benefit from a good up-front service that supplies you with all the information you and your family need to make an educated decision for what is best for you as a family.

We look at the individual and what they are looking to gain from using renewable products in or around their property. This allows you to understand what the potential benefits would be.
If the product you suggest isn’t the right one for you we will tell you!

By using our No Obligation site survey we can assess the property, and with your consent take pictures if required, go through a list of questions and most importantly let you tell us what you want your project to look like.
Whether it be a simple Solar set up or total re-build, don’t be scared to tell us your Dream!!

From the survey being completed, the next step is for our team to work through what you have spoken about and make it come true.
We will present you with all advice on where certain units/ products would be best sited and full costs with the figures of Government funding, should it be a viable option for your premises.

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